Mei I have another?

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.

So I’ve mapped out the UV’s and got a decent base texture for my Mei skin (Still needs normal maps made for depth). I kept her signature note book strapped to her arm. Next I’m Thinking about making her coat wrapped around her thighs like what people will often to with hoodies. So she’ll still have her coat, just wont exactly be wearing it.

3 I don’t plan to alter her cryo tank much from the stock, but that may change in time.3c

Mei’s (Original) Cryofreeze Gun

In the original early concept art for Mei her freeze gun was much larger. I thought I would change her signature weapon up a bit as well and label it as her prototype cryofreeze gun. Rather than a light weight pistol like her current weapon, this is a much less compact model.


I quickly scraped together a mesh and made a material in 3D-Coat. I haven’t added much detail to it yet but this will make for a good place holder for now. I’ll eventually add lights, text, and other goodies. I also plan to have a clear are painted in on the round area so you can see how full it is (Similar to her current pistol)


Overwatch skin

Its been a few months since Blizzard’s hero based FPS known as Overwatch dropped, and its still going on as strong as ever. The developer has managed to keep things fresh by trickling in new events and unlockable every so often. Think you’ve unlocked all the alternate skins for your favorite character? Well strap on your head set because here’s two more! I can appreciate when a developer offers another texture set for a character to make it a bit different from the others, but Blizzard has taken the next step and will sometimes makes entirely different character models. Some are modifications from the original and some are a complete redesign. I’d imagine this keeps their character artistes quite busy (probably why they have job openings for more character artist for the Overwatch team).

So in the spirit of Overwatches growing collection of alternate “skins”, I figured I’m make my own for fun. Mei is one of the three characters I have the most time on (next to and Zenyatta) So I figured I’d start with her.

Mei wields a cryofreeze gun and sports a thick coat and big boots for traversing the artic. However many of overwatche’s maps take place in deserts and other warmer climates. There’s actually a voice line where she states that she’s “overdressed for where they are.” Keeping this in mind, there are also a few sprays from the game where she is sporting a blue tank top. The original early concept art also has an image of her in a tank top. Soooo making a Mei in a blue tank top seemed like an obvious choice. Let the modeling begin! So far i’ve got the base mesh, more to come later!


The Head of Rapkin

We use to have an employee by the name of Rapkin. Long story short he was a pathological liar and would make up the most ridiculous stories. He became a well known meme in our store when he left. Watching some of his YouTube videos from his blog has become a ritual of passing for new recruits. A prime example of how not to be. So in honor of the one called Rapkin, I spent an hour speed modeling and painting in Mudbox to recreate his head in 3D. A friend of ours is planning on 3D printing keychains from it 🙂


2016 Upgrade Day

So I received my new Intel i7-6700k from intel retail edge and put together my new build. The is of course a new motherboard and DDR4, but the real star part is the new Samsung 950 pro M.2 sold state. It has read speeds of 2500MBps and write speeds of 2000MBps running on a 4 lane PCI-e. This is quite a jump from my Intel SSD that ran off SATA with a max of 500BMps. Now what does this all mean? Well, the boot time is only improved by 2 sec, but the time it takes for a program to launch, or load up large project files is nearly instant! The level of responsiveness is unreal. Now I just have to wait until the GTX 1070 is more readily available so I can retire my GTX 770.


I also finally made the jump to Windows 10. I’m not a fan of the fact that it installs new drivers for you via windows update (a feature that can’t be turned off) as it has a tendency of finding the wrong drivers. I see this issue all the time at work and experienced it myself. Windows would install the wrong GPU driver and cause a BSOD, so I had to block it via the stand alone utility MS released for blocking specific updates. I think its silly they this isn’t built into windows as it has been for every past version since Win2000. Other than that, it performs just like Win 8.1.

Now that I’ve finished Fire Emblem and Undertale I’ve been sucked into a new game. Blizzard’s Overwatch… It’s an FPS that plays much like Team Fortress 2 in that every character is of its own class. The environments are beautiful and the characters have very lifelike animations and a bit of a Pixar vibe to the style. Most games are 6 Vs 6 team matches involving defending or capturing a point, escorting a payload, ex… I find that the key to victory isn’t getting good with a single set of characters, but knowing when to switch characters to counter the enemy as situations change. Its great mechanic and keeps the game dynamic and interesting match after match. Its also a great game to stay social as literally everyone I know plays Overwatch. Much improved over the short lived Star Wars Battle Front, where you pay $60 for 4 maps and then the severs end up empty after a few months.


Distributor part 2 & Maya 2016 UI changes

Managed to get a bit of free time to render the distributor. I recently upgraded from the Autodesk 2014 suite to 2016. 3Ds Max and Mudbox don’t seem to different but Maya got quite the UI overhaul. literally all the tools i use have been moved and put in different menus. some tools no longer had a button in the UI and can only be launched via Mel code. Its like playing Autodesk wheres Waldo… That said, after relearning where everything is, i will admit that the new UI is alot more intuitive and would likely make more sense to someone new to the program.Batty_Seth_Distributor

Distributor Debacle…

The distributor died on my Honda DelSol a short while ago. I figured replacing it would be an easy repair so I ordered a new on online. Unfortunately, the seller sent me the wrong part… So I returned it and purchased one from Advanced auto parts. I put it in and ended up with the same issue: car would turn over, had spark and fuel, but wouldn’t start…. At a loss I had the DelSol toed to my mechanic only to find that the new distributor was also dead… Nothing like a defective new part to throw off your troubleshooting! Anyways I figured I’d made a 3D model of the distributor just for fun after messing with it so much. I’ll render a more polished version later.Distrib